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Anxiety and the Brain

“An incredibly complex organ, the brain is continuously being shaped ad reshaped by your ongoing experiences. Your very own neurobiological computer stationed right inside your skull, the brain contains about one billion neurons, all interconnected and capable of transmitting information at a speed of over 200 miles per hour (Siegel 2010). Further, the brain is receiving, processing, and transmitting information every single moment of every single day. When you consider the vast interconnectedness of all the neurons in the brain and its capacity to instantly transmit massive amounts of information to every organ, muscle, and tissue in the body, you can begin to see how powerful it is in its ability to initiate various states of activation and alter your felt sense in any given moment. In light of this, a key component to regulating your fear response and achieving anxiety relief is knowing your body-brain and the way it responds to environmental triggers. This will help you understand the source of your anxiety activation as well as your patterns of anxiety activation so you can bring your body back into a state of regulation.”

Excerpt from Mindful Somatic Awareness for Anxiety Relief

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