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What is Mindful Somatic Awareness?

The unique vibration of your own consciousness can be felt throughout your body. These vibrations carry the infinite intelligence and intuitive wisdom of your soul - information that can guide your healing and enable your highest expression of Self. Mindful Somatic Awareness (MSA) is the meditative practice of connecting to your mind-body consciousness to access the information needed to understand and repair the emotional wounds at the core of your anxiety so you can begin to live in alignment with the truest, most authentic parts of who you are.
Like many meditative practices, Mindful Somatic Awareness requires deliberate effort to shift your nonjudgmental attention to the sensations vibrating throughout your body; It invites you to be present with the felt sense awareness that arises in each unfolding moment. However, unlike many meditative practices, MSA also invites you to reflect on your felt sense awareness so you can begin to translate the information these sensory vibrations carry and understand what your mind-body is telling you. This process of observing present-moment sensory experience coupled with contemplative reflection integrates mind and body, which can give you access to important information needed to help guide your healing and transform your life.

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