Dr. Michele Blume, PsyD, SEP is a licensed clinical psychologist, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, and certified Reiki practitioner. She is trained in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy and has also received training as a spiritual emergence coach. Additionally, she has experience doing preparation and integration work with clients using psychedelics and plant medicine therapies. This is her first book. 



Vase of Flowers

I have been on a healing journey for most of my life, starting at the age of thirteen when I first entered therapy. At that time, on a level I was not yet aware of, I had not only taken the first step on my own healing path, but I had also begun my training as a healing guide.

As a healing guide, my work is not only influenced by my formal education and my personal experiences, but also by my perennial curiosity about the human experience and the transpersonal world. I believe that healing is not linear, nor is it restricted to the bounds of conventional medicine. Healing is a spiritual journey; an evolution of the soul. It is a courageous and sacred effort to move through what can often feel like ineffable darkness so one can rise to their truest Self.

I wrote Mindful Somatic Awareness for Anxiety Relief as a gentle yet informative guide to assist you on your healing journey; to offer you a basic understanding of your mind-body consciousness and provide simple yet powerful exercises to move you toward healing the emotional wounds that keep you fearful of engaging your creative, emotional, and spiritual potential. 


I hope that my book can help you move through your fear and reconnect you to the deepest and truest parts of your soul so you can live a life of peace and purpose.